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Pauline Willis
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Default Turning 30 – Coaching psychology eases the transition


Reaching the milestone of another decade is frequently a challenging hurdle for many of us, and understanding the different factors that can impact this process is extremely helpful in smoothing the transition.

Research on how coaching psychology can assist in the ‘turning 30’ transition will be presented by Sheila Panchal, at the first International Coaching Psychology Conference, which was held at City University London, on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th December 2006, organised by the British Psychological Society Special Group in Coaching Psychology.

The application of different psychological theories, and in particular coaching psychology, can inform and improve the transition of individuals as they face a new decade in their lives. Business, as well as the specific individual, can benefit from positive ‘turning 30’ transitions, particularly in the increasingly crucial areas of retaining talent and developing leaders.

Ms Panchal said; “Organisations are facing increasing challenges in terms of retaining their top talent. Research shows that 'Generation Y' individuals in their late 20’s and early 30's tend to experience a ‘turning 30 transition’ and re-evaluate their career and life choices. As a result, talented graduates may leave, just as they become marketable. This represents a significant cost to the business.”

She also makes the important point that, “by supporting people through this transition, organisations are more likely to retain their stars and develop future leaders.”

The conference provided a full programme of stimulating and informative sessions reflecting the developing field of coaching psychology with papers being presented by leading national and international coaching psychologists. Themes for the conference were topical and reflected the exciting evolution of this area of psychology.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Julia Shorter, Conference Assistant Press Officer, Tel: 07747 634486, e-mail

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