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Default 1st International Meeting of Coaches in Prague builds up steam in the run up to the GCC

At the 1st IMC in Prague hosted by the Czech Coaching Association coaches from across the globe were brought together for three days of presentations, workshops and dialogue to foster the sharing of knowledge and ideas. The climate was of respectful international collaboration amongst coaches from different professional backgrounds and approaches to coaching.

The open and collaborative climate set in the Czech Republic through the 1st IMC is a fitting precursor to a major event due to be held in Dublin 2008. The Global Convention on Coaching or GCC as it is known, has been brought together to support the mutual exploration of the future of the coaching industry by all stakeholders in coaching. Difficult questions such as ‘what does the specialist domain of knowledge for coaching consist of?’ and ‘what training and qualifications are really needed for a practitioner to set out shop as a ‘professional’ coach?’ will be covered through the process of dialogue and scenario development.

One of the leaders of this initiative speaking at the Czech conference was Australian Psychologist and co-editor of the ICPR, Dr Michael Cavanagh. At the end of three days of sharing and dialogue, Michael extended a warm invitation for all coaches and other stakeholders in coaching, from all backgrounds and all countries, to come forward and take a place in a global consultation process that will continue in the spirit of openness and collaboration that was modelled in the Czech Republic in September 2007.

Participation in the open consultation over the next 12 months is open to anyone who has an interest in any aspect of coaching as a domain of practice. The consultation leading up to the convention over the next eight months is taking place online, so participation is free and easy if you have computer access. If you are interested in taking part you can complete the online application form at

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