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Default Australian Psychologist - December 2007 Coaching Psychology Special Issue

The Australian Psychologist is an official publication of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). Anthony Grant from the University of Sydney Coaching Psychology Unit is the guest editor of the December 2007 issue which is dedicated to Coaching Psychology.

Articles contained in the Australian Psychologist Coaching Psychology
Special Issue:-

Evidence Based Coaching: Flourishing or Languising?
A.M. Grant & M.J. Cavanagh

Further Development of evidence based coaching: Lessons from the rise and fall of the human potential movement

Coaching and positive psychology
M.E.P. Seligman

Theory and Research on coaching practices
G.P. Latham

Sport and business coaching: Perspective of a sport psychologist

The art of thinking narratively: Implications for coaching psychology practice
D.B. Drake

Freedom to act in new ways: The application of Moreno's spontaneity theory and role theory to psychological coaching
C. McVea and D. Reekie

Towards a systemic model of coaching supervision: Some lessons from psychotherapeutic and counselling models
D.E. Gray

Evaluating the effectiveness of executive coaching: Where are now and where to we need to be?
D. MacKie

For article abstracts and information about how to attain copies of these articles go to:-

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