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Default GCC Consultation groups come online

The Global Convention on Coaching consultation groups are coming online and
over the next few weeks. The dialogue and discussion will be intensifying in
the lead up to the face-to-face event in Dublin during July 2008! encourages all psychologists who coach as well as
'coaching psychologists' to engage with the GCC consultation process over
the coming months.

Participation in the online consultation process is open to all and there
are no charges or fees levied by the GCC for stakeholders to access the
online consultation forums.

Consultation forums:-

1. Knowledge Base for Coaching-Core and Specialist Areas
2. Code of Ethics
3. Core Competencies-General and Specialist
4. Training Guidelines for Graduate Programmes
5. Research Agenda for the Development of the Field
6. Professional Status for Coaching-Should this be pursued, in what form?
7. Mapping the Field-What constitutes the field and its related areas?
8. Selection of Coaches and Management of the Coaching Engagement
9. Evaluation of Coaching Engagements

If you would like to discuss the Global Convention on Coaching within the
Coaching community of practice then log in using your
username and password

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