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  1. Welcome to coachingpsychologist.net
  2. Are you looking for a coaching psychologist?
  3. First International Coaching Psychology Conference
  4. First edition of the International Coaching Psychology Review 'free of charge'
  5. Coaching Psychology Subject Benchmarks and Supervision Guidelines Consultation
  6. Professional body for Swiss Coaching Psychologists established.
  7. Quality counts for coaching psychologists
  8. Coaching psychologists call for statutory regulation
  9. International Convention on Coaching (ICC) Announced
  10. Career barriers - women’s experiences
  11. Managers dealing with stress - coaching psychology helps
  12. Turning 30 – Coaching psychology eases the transition
  13. Calling all Australian Coaching Psychologists Living and Working in the UK
  14. Peter Warr's book exploring happiness and unhappiness due for release in softcover
  15. New book on starting a life coaching practice launched
  16. June edition of InPsych features coaching psychology
  17. Happiness wins science book prize
  18. Coaching psychology news views and inputs wanted
  19. Executive Coaching in Australia - an HR View of What Works
  20. Global Convention on Coaching Update
  21. Coaching Psychology feature in Australian InPsych Bulletin
  22. Free copies of June InPsych
  23. BPS SGCP has released Supervision Guidelines for Coaching Psychology
  24. 1st International Meeting of Coaches in Prague builds up steam in the run up to the GCC
  25. Australian Psychologist - December 2007 Coaching Psychology Special Issue
  26. UK Coaching and Mentoring qualifications strategy consultation
  27. GCC Consultation groups come online
  28. Executive and organisational coaching featured in latest issue of ICPR
  29. New coaching psychology group launched by the Psychological Society of Ireland DWOP
  30. Consultation on the new NOS unit on psychological underpinnings of coaching starts in October
  31. Dublin Conference: -Workplace Coaching: Empowering and Engaging Employees through a Difficult Climate
  32. SGCP looking for practice group co-ordinators
  33. UK Psychologists regulated by HPC from July 1st 2009
  34. Extension on early bird rates for SGCP conference
  35. Coaching and the brain:Update from Dr Karen Shue
  36. CIPD takes the 'temperature of coaching in the UK'
  37. Team workshop at the DOP event only has a few places left!
  38. Pat Williams sells Institute for Life Coach Training
  39. Lauriate launches new LinkedIn group for UK Team Sociomapping
  40. National Psychology Week in Australia
  41. Do you have a view on the future of coaching or mentoring - evolution, revolution or extinction?
  42. Coaching & Mentoring Network celebrates 15 year anniversary with a fresh approach to exploring the future